With «Five up», private individuals, organisations and volunteers can network with each other in the simplest way.



Whether in a private environment, for a club activity or a cultural event - all participants are stay connected with each other. Convenient, simple, everywhere.


With «Five up» you simply organize your volunteers and always keep the overview. «Five up» helps you to have the right people in the right place at the right time. Exactly where you need support.


“Volunteering and community service can be simplified through the use of new, easily accessible technologies. By establishing relationships between people, the «Five up» application allows to create a social network in which people help each other. A win-win solution for all parties involved!”

Markus Mader, director of the Swiss red cross

About us

Five up Community AG is an independent company with strong partners. We are active at the interface of society, economy and benefit to the public.



Concept, design & realisation



Become a partner of our network

Our partners support us with their network and receive content prepared by us for their communication channels. Through our partners, we take up needs from everyday life at the grassroots level and use them to further develop our product.

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